A Past, Present, and Future
in Open Source Software

Embedded Linux consultants
help build your product
at any stage of development

What we do…

With 20+ years experience delivering commercial products, successfully leveraging embedded Linux and Open Source software, our expertise is unmatched.

We work with customers as embedded Linux consultants to develop and maintain Open Source-based solutions for their products, with special focus on the Linux kernel, U-Boot, Yocto Project, OpenEmbedded, Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), and Over-the-air (OTA) software updating.

Konsulko Group’s Globally Employable Engineers™ are based throughout the world, in North America, Europe or Asia, or near our engineering centers in Sweden or Bulgaria. 

Members of our team have years of software engineering experience, excellent English language skills, and are comfortable working directly with our customers. They can travel as necessary, and have the ability to get temporary work visas for occasional visits to other countries.

How we do it…

Years of involvement in key Open Source projects is a secret to delivering outstanding value to our customers. Every team member has worked in the Open Source community and able to leverage their knowledge of the key features, reliability, timelines, and quality of numerous Open Source projects we use to drive solutions for our customers products.

To achieve the maximum benefit of Open Source, Konsulko Group believes production software should be fully aligned with OSS community work upstream. By upstreaming key new features that benefit our customers, we help steer Open Source project roadmaps to benefit both our customers and the community at large.

Our engagement models…

We offer Konsulko Continuous Time Engagement for dedicated engineering resources and Konsulko OnDemand Time Engagement for high level consulting, on-demand support, and specific tasks within your larger project.