A good time to talk with us

Whether you’re in a small start-up, a huge global company, or anything in-between, there are key moments in Linux-based software development when it’s time to decide how much can be handled in-house, and what requires some outside assistance.

Here are a four examples of a good time to talk with us:

  • Your engineers are experts at the top of your software stack, but kernel-level work needs to be done down near the bottom (where you don’t have much experience).
  • You’re dazzled by the power and complexity of the Yocto project and OpenEmbedded build system, and your team needs to get up to speed quickly.
  • You’re building your next generation product on new hardware and experience unforeseen “subtleties” in moving your code to the new platform.
  • You’ve crafted your software architecture from best-of-breed open source projects but you’re finding gaps that still need to be filled.

With 20-plus years of experience in embedded Linux architecture, development, build/CI, QA, maintenance and training, Konsulko Group can help you at every phase of your product cycle.

Any point in your development is a good time to contact Konsulko to discuss how we can work together.