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How Mender works

Software Update solutions are a key part of our services offering. For open source over-the-air updates, we often we recommend and work with mender.io. Here’s a brief introduction to how it works.

Home Servers, AArch64, and You (well, me)

Recently, my SoftIron OverDrive1000 arrived, and I’ve finally given myself some time to sit down and implement the project I purchased it for. First, one may ask, why AArch64? The answer lies in my history of installing Linux-based machines at home, the number of PowerPC machines still exceeds the number of x86/x86-64 machines that I […]

Tool Time: Quilt

All of us have our favorite tools and workflows. For me, I am a fan of git. One of the things I really like about it is git stash, because it lets me keep drafts of my changes and develop them incrementally. But there are times where you need to adapt your workflow to fit […]

Developing on hardware without functional networking

One of the more painful steps in doing development on hardware is when you don’t have any networking that’s functional and reliable yet. So you end up having to shuffle a SD card, USB stick, or similar back and forth. This can be even less fun when you’re working on a prototype, and need to […]