For training, nothing beats hands-on

There are plenty of YouTube videos (and their open source equivalents) to help budding engineers master the intricacies of development, but often the best way to learn is to get in the same room as the experts, and go step-by-step through the process.

At SCaLE 17x in Pasadena earlier this month, Konsulko Group CTO Matt Porter taught a guided hands-on lab on leveraging IIO and Input kernel subsystems. In real time, Matt went line-by-line through the code, and the students were able to write a new driver and take the results with them on an embedded target board.

In this intimate and interactive setting, apprentice-level engineers could get personal attention if they were stuck or had any question, no matter how basic.

Matt’s session was part of the E-ALE (Embedded Apprentice Linux Engineer) project. At major embedded Linux events, E-ALE provides several days of hands-on tutorials driven by volunteer professional speakers who present apprentice-level material in a way that beginners can understand and use.

We hope to see you during the next set of E-ALE tutorials at the Embedded Linux Conference in San Diego this August.

As always, Konsulko Group can also offer hands-on embedded Linux training at your location for your engineers. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for custom, on-site training.