Konsulko Group is going to FOSDEM!

The Konsulko Group team will be at FOSDEM 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. We are presenting two sessions in the Embedded, mobile, and automotive devroom:

Look for Leon Anavi, Scott Murray, Pete Popov, and Matt Porter around the Embedded/mobile/automotive devroom, AGL booth, and other interesting devrooms. See you there!

Konsulko Group welcomes Matt Ranostay to the team

Konsulko Group is pleased to welcome seasoned embedded Linux veteran Matt Ranostay to the team.

Matt has over 10 years of software experience with a focus in embedded systems and related technologies. He has previously worked at several Linux-focused companies, including Embedded Alley, Mentor Graphics, and Intel. Matt has extensive experience developing production systems incorporating the Linux kernel, Yocto Project / OpenEmbedded, and Android.

“We’re excited to have Matt on the team, helping to deliver Open Source-based solutions for our customers”, said Matt Porter, CTO of Konsulko Group. “I, and others at Konsulko Group, have worked with Matt at previous companies, and we are happy to have his embedded Linux and Open Source expertise here at Konsulko Group.”

Matt has contributed to several Linux kernel subsystems with a primary focus on the Industrial I/O framework. His key interest is using Embedded Linux as a platform to enable sensors for Internet of Things solutions.

Google recognizes the contributions of U-Boot maintainer Tom Rini

Google’s Open Source Peer Bonus Program has recognized Konsulko Group’s own Tom Rini for his contributions as the maintainer of U-Boot. Congratulations to Tom for his hard work maintaining this critical part of many embedded Linux systems.

Five years ago the Open Source Programs Office established the Open Source Peer Bonus Program to remind Googlers of the importance of the myriad developers outside of Google who keep open source healthy and growing.

The program works like this: we invite Googlers to nominate open source developers outside of the company who deserve recognition for their contributions to open source used at or relied on by Google. After review by a team of volunteer engineers, the recipients receive our heartfelt thanks and a small token of our appreciation.

We have recognized more than 500 open source developers from 30+ countries who have contributed their time and talent to over 400 open source projects.

Having just finished the latest round of the program, we’d like to recognize the individuals and the projects they worked on. Here’s everyone who gave us permission to thank them publicly:

Tom Rini U-Boot

From https://opensource.googleblog.com/2016/09/google-open-source-peer-bonus-program.html

Konsulko Group at OpenIoT Summit and Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2016

The Konsulko Group team will be at OpenIoT Summit and Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2016. We are presenting three sessions between the two conferences:

Most of our team will be at the conference so look for us in the hallway track and let’s talk embedded Linux and other FOSS projects.

Konsulko Group at Embedded Linux Conference 2016

The Konsulko Group team will be at Embedded Linux Conference 2016. We are presenting three sessions:

Come meet these presenters and other members of the team at ELC.

Konsulko Group at Automotive Linux Summit 2015

The Konsulko Group team will be at Automotive Linux Summit 2015 in Tokyo, Japan.

Petko Manolov will be presenting on The Role of Linux Integrity Measurement Architecture (IMA) in Automotive System Security. Come meet Petko Manolov and other members of the team at ALS.