Screen Sharing on Raspberry Pi 5 Using VNC in Weston and Wayland with the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded

Presented by Leon Anavi of Konsulko Group at FOSDEM 2024

In 2023, embedded Linux developers received eagerly awaited news: the release of Raspberry Pi 5 and the integration of VNC backend into Weston, the reference compositor for the Wayland display server protocol.

This talk explores VNC backend integration in Weston 12 and newer versions as well as its build and runtime dependencies such as NeatVNC and AML. We will compare VNC (Virtual Network Computing) to RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).

Using the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded, we are going to build core-image-weston for Raspberry Pi 5 and configure VNC with TLS security and user authentication. Step-by-step tutorial will be provided to demonstrate the configuration of a remote connection to Raspberry Pi 5 from another computer through Vinagre, an open-source VNC client designed for the GNOME Desktop.

The presentation is appropriate for anyone interested in remote access to embedded Linux devices. It will expand upon Leon’s lightning talk about RDP from FOSDEM 2023 and address frequently asked questions about remote screen sharing on embedded Linux devices.

Previous experience is not required.