Konsulko Group extends its hardware services business

Konsulko Group welcomes three veteran hardware developers to our growing team. Alexandar Kalaydjiev will serve as Konsulko Hardware Director. Joining as Principal Hardware Engineers are Marin Balkandjiev and Tsvetan Mudrov, PhD.

Customers can now leverage their technical expertise and extensive experience to create comprehensive products and solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

Konsulko hardware engineers can manage and facilitate the production of the developed products, ensuring their successful realization. We can provide deployment support as required, ensuring a smooth transition for the end-customer.

Meet the new members of the Konsulko team

Alexandar Kalaydjiev (middle photo) was an integral member of a team that developed a DVD writer in the early 2001, focusing on the control mechanisms for the semiconductor laser during the writing process. His contributions extended to the mechatronic design of both pneumatic and electrical robotic manipulators, specifically tailored for critical procedures in the manufacturing of DVD discs. Over the last 15 years, he has dedicated himself to comprehensive product design encompassing electrical design, PCB layout, CAD modeling, and production management.

Marin Balkandjiev (left photo) has spent over 8 years in the Telecom industry working with access multiplexers, data link converters and other key hardware. He has 10 years experience in the Automotive industry developing automotive interior products, and 10 years building consumer and industrial products, IoT, and sensors. He worked previously for Johnson Controls Automotive Electronics.

Tsvetan Mudrov (right photo) has 20 years of experience in development of Medical Electronics including external defibrillators, biomedical signals acquisition and processing (including ECG, EEG, PPG, bio impedance), medical telemetry and long-term monitoring. His expertise includes development of hardware and software for embedded systems, PCB layout routing, production management and final testing. He is experienced with ISO9001, ISO13485, MDR and other quality management procedures and certification. Tsvetan wrote his PhD dissertation on “HV generators for external defibrillators.”

Hardware Design and Development

Konsulko Group offers complete hardware services including design, integration, validation and certification, rapid prototyping, biometric signals, sensors, wireless communications, low power applications and manufacturing test/support. Please visit our Hardware Design Services page or contact us for more information.